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Goshen Snowmobile Club makes it easy to go snowmobiling. We set the standard for well-marked trails, readable maps, easy access to fuel stops, food and accommodations. And all it takes to snowmobile is a simple trail pass and a valid Provincial registration.

The Goshen Snowmobile Clubhouse will be open Thursday afternoons through to Sundays during the snowmobile season.  A fully licensed restaurant and fuel pumps make it a great destination for a day out on the trails.  Located at 11618 Route 114 on the Fundy Park Road and on Trail 852.


The Goshen Grill is now closed for the season.  Thank you to all who helped make it another huge success.


$10,000 cash could be yours on November 28!! Once again, with your support, we are hoping to have another successful fundraiser. It's events like these that help us give you, our members, the trails we all want to ride on all season long. We couldn't have the outstanding club we do without your support so please let us know if you'd like to purchase a ticket for your chance at $10,000. Tickets are $100 each with 10 cash prizes in total. AND as a thank you if you sell 10 tickets for us we will give you 1 free with your name on it to increase your chances of winning. Tickets are available from any board member or send me a message and we can arrange to get a ticket(s) to you. On behalf of the Goshen Snowmobile Club we really appreciate your support. (there are also spots for ten names on the back of the tickets if you and up to 9 friends want to go in on a ticket)


Folks we are planning another work day this coming Saturday, November 7 to continue the work on the new trail. We could use all of the help we can get (if you can't do it Saturday but are free another day please let us know as well). It's so important we get as much help as possible as the season will be here before we know it and there is still alot of work to be done if we are going to have this trail open in time. Meeting place with be at the Timberland at 8:30. Contact Greg Taber at 434-3114 with any questions.


The 2015-2016 Goshen executive members are as follows:
President - Adam Alward
Vice President - Les Sherwood
Treasurer - Danny McCully
Secretary - Shawn Leonard
Past President - Dave Dunston
Directors: Dennis Richard, Vicky Gaunce, Greg Taber, Darren Bannister, Dave Demerchant, Bill Ford, Peter Taylor, Craig Nowlan, Roy Kaye, John Teakles, Jeremy Lewis and Rob Antworth









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